“The master has failed more times than the novice has even tried“

“The master has failed more times than the novice has even tried“

“The master has failed more times than the novice has even tried“

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40+ Years of Experience

300+ locations

Almost every Industry

Our Approach

I’ve heard Lean Transformation described as a marathon versus a sprint. Both imply an end-point, something that you finish. I prefer to think of it as a perpetual journey toward perfection; you don’t ever get there, but your’e moving closer all the time.

CI40 offers formal class-room education, but our approach is ninety-percent “Dirty Hands University”, learning-by-doing. It’s the most effective method of gaining and retaining a deep understanding of the principles and tools, “buy-in” at every level, and accelerating return on that investment of time.

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CI40 Transformations

  • Create Competitive Advantage
  • Enable Growth
  • Transform The Workplace
  • Elevate Engagement
  • Banish

Create Competitive Advantage

Deliver products and services, respond to customer requests, and bring products to market in a quarter of the time it takes you today.


Enable Growth

Grow productivity five-times and repurpose liberated cash, labor, equipment, and floor space to new revenue generation.


Transform the Workplace

Increase your revenue generating density and make it easy to see normal from abnormal at-a-glance in any process or workspace.


Elevate Engagement

Every employee dedicates a higher percentage of their discretionary time helping the organization achieve it’s objectives.


Banish Waste

Every person, at every level relentlessly focused on the elimination of waste from every process, every day.

Phase 1

“Tool Driven”

Introduce the principles and tools, engage the entire workforce

*Years 1 to 2

Phase 2

“System Driven”

Integrate into how we run the business

*Years 2 to 4

Phase 3

“Principle Driven”

Fully instill into our Culture

*Years 4 and On

My Journey

My first continuous improvement team was a Quality Circle at The Boeing Company Wichita Division in October 1982. For the next seven years I was roped into every “flavor of the month” Boeing tried including working closely with W. Edwards Deming. They all had isolated pockets of success, but none of them seemed to change our performance trajectory or really stick.

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  • The Boeing Company (8 locations)
  • US Department of Defense (88 locations)
  • UK Royal Air Force (4 locations)
  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (4 locations)
  • General Dynamics Electric Boat (2 locations)
  • Rockwell Collins (3 locations)
  • The NORDAM Group (7 locations)
  • NCR (4 locations)
  • Easton Sporting Goods
  • Harley Davidson
  • Saudi Aramco (6 locations)
  • Progress Energy (11 locations)
  • Duke Energy (4 locations)
  • American Electric Power (19 locations)
  • Luminant (4 locations)
  • Arrow Energy (3 locations)
  • OneSteel (4 locations)
  • Hawaiian Electric Company (8 locations)
  • Vectren (6 locations)
  • A. Stucki (14 locations)


Captain Graham Rowell

The US Joint Strike Fighter Program Office selected Advanced Lean Master Mike Wall to guide the application of Lean Thinking to Maintenance and Sustainment processes of the F35 because he saved the Royal Air Force over $100 million on maintenance procedures for the Harrier Fighter Bomber

Business Planning Leader
US Joint Strike Fighter Program Office

Michael Neumann

Mike was an incredible resource for Stone Canyon as he was able to seamlessly move between the shop floor and the board room translating the benefits of his lean programs into bottom line results. Simplifying the complex nature of his work to non-operators is perhaps his greatest skill set. Mike's passion for his work showed up in every one of his interactions

Stone Canyon Industries

David Meyer

The work that I did with Mike bringing Lean to the Army Material Command is the most significant contribution to society that I have made in my life. It dramatically changed the way that the Army performs all functions at the depots for much faster response and billions of dollars lower cost. Mike is a unique talent in being able to see what is possible and connect with people to make it happen at all levels of an organization.

Chairman of the Board
A. Stucki - (Former Captain US Army Reserve)

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